We are Just a speck in this Universe

What are we? Who are we? and why do we have so much pride and arrogance?

We never bother, rather we don’t know, how insignificant we are in this universe. Whatever we do is seldom going to change the way universe or the earth functions. If we look closely, we have done more harm than any benefit to this beautiful mother nature. Nature has provided us with all the things necessary for our survival, then why was the need to invent things? For example, we are extremely thrilled to read about Thomas Edison’s invention of electric light (with due respect) which could light our houses, but according to nature nights are meant to sleep, then why did we need a light while sleeping? After sunset, we are supposed to stop our day’s work and rest. What I mean by saying this is, has the functioning of the Universe in general, and the Earth, in particular, changed even a bit? NO. There is not even a bit that has changed (Global warming has only worsened our living conditions due to pollution). If all the inventions of such a great inventor (Thomas Edison) aren’t capable of changing the Nature, then, who are we? And why so much arrogance for nothing? The feeling that we have achieved something is just relative, and success should never go into our head. If it does, then it will be the beginning of our downfall. Nature has made every human equal, male or female, black or white, there is no superior race but only one race called the mankind.

Treating humans as humans is the greatest thing you can do to return the favours of our Creator. Next time you feel proud about your inventions/discoveries/achievements, just wait a moment and think, has it changed even a bit of how Nature functions? If no, then just remember “We are just a speck in the Universe, and it doesn’t matter what we do.” In failures or success just be happy and let be happy.

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