What influences our thoughts? Emotions and feelings: The brain is a very complex organ (extremely fast computer; limits undetermined) and also vital for thinking, memories, feelings, emotions and more importantly for the living and even more important, living the way we live. We perceive the … Continue reading

How I Met My PhD Supervisor

PhD advisors If you go out there and ask all the PhD students how they feel about their advisors, I am very sure you will get a mixed response. Some will praise their mentors while others will utter curses.  Fortunately I fall into the former category, in fact, my advisor was the reason … Continue reading

Whom to trust and how much to trust??

All of us at some point in life have pondered this question: Whom to trust and how much to trust? In spite of thinking very hard, we never got a satisfactory answer, even if we thought we have an answer, very soon an incident took place that made us doubt the answer we arrived at. Before I … Continue reading

We are Just a speck in this Universe

What are we? Who are we? and why do we have so much pride and arrogance? We never bother, rather we don’t know, how insignificant we are in this universe. Whatever we do is seldom going to change the way universe or the earth functions. If we look closely, we have done more harm than any … Continue reading